Tasting notes and wine reviews -
An index of tasting notes and wine reviews by all reviewers, organized chronologically. Reviewers include: Eric Anderson, Tom Hill, Ken Zinns, Paul Lin and Frank Murray III. Reviews of wines tasted during winery visits can be found separately in the journals of the touring section.
Tasting notes and articles from Tom Hill -
Veteran wine taster, Tom Hill, has been tasting wines since 1971, and shares his comprehensive notes and impressions.
Tasting notes from Paul Lin -
After being bitten by the wine bug during graduate school, Paul embarked on his wine journey out of a sense of intellectual curiosity and romantic self-indulgence.
A wine blog from Eric Anderson -
Sort of a compendium of notes, comments, reports, interviews, food & wine experiences, and otherwise catch-all for things that don't necessarily fit into other categories.

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